Return of the Cousins

Colin Boyle
After ten years, Mr. Cousins returns happily to the St. Christopher’s community. Cousins has spent most of his post-college career teaching, and his experience is evident in a classroom setting. Those lucky enough to have him as a teacher will tell you how much they enjoy his class. Mac Dixon, a senior I interviewed, described his class as “relaxed, inviting, and fluid”. His teaching skills also translate outside of the learning environment. As the coach of the JV soccer team, Cousins pushes his students to perform both academically and physically. 
During the years of his absence from our community, Cousins used the skills he learned at St. Christopher’s to help the world around him. While on his hiatus from teaching, he worked for a Christian-based human rights non-profit called The Inter-Community Peace and Justice Center. Their main goal is to “Build a community to act for systemic change in our church and world.” While there, Mr. Cousins helped with education and outreach to Christian communities. After doing that, he worked at a school in New Jersey for a year or two before returning to St. Christopher’s. 
After returning to our school, he took on another integral role as the global coordinator in our community. In his new position, he now oversees the global exchange program. Mr. Cousins is proving to be a vital member of the St. Christopher’s community.