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  • Mac Dixon

    Senior, 3-Year Pine Needle Head Editor, Funny, Handsome, Talented.
  • Armstead "Steady" Butler

    Class of 2024, staff writer since sophomore year, future biology major, and author of “Once We All Were Fish,” an intricate chronological series detailing human evolution from prehistoric fish.
  • Patteson Branch

    Class of 2025, staff writer since freshman year.
  • Noah Lee

    A member of the class of 2025. He is a staff writer for The Pine Needle who started in his sophomore year of high school.
  • Ayden Lucas

    Class of 2027, staff writer, new to St. Christopher's. 
  • Faculty Advisors

    Sheree Garrett, Librarian
    Montana Rogers, Head Librarian
    Nick Sherod, Upper School Childrey Teaching Fellow